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Where is my cash, app?

If you are sick and tired of keeping in your head all incomes/outgoings, who owes you this month, what bonus your boss has generously given to you and whether you have enough money for making yourself happy with a new spinning rod enjoying your neighbor’s envy at the end of a month, then you definitely need an assistant in keeping your family budget. Monisto application will help you to get all these endless cash flow inside your “pocket” out of your head and demonstrate “what spinning rod is all about”. Make notes in a writing pad? Count me out! We live in the 21st century; everything is in a cell phone, everything is at hand. And writing pads as well.

The application is running on iPhone 3, 4 and 5 series and offers a user to count up his own budget and get reports in graphic style. Monisto compares favorable with the similar applications due to its usage simplicity and smart interface design. A minute is enough to catch the idea of using Monisto.

The developers are practicing a clear minimalistic style. The accounting period in the application is a month, which is displayed like a writing pad page and it is proposed to fill in all your budget records on this page. Everything is simple – you are to add an item, choosing a category from the list or typing your own new category, enter the sum, choose its status whether it is «Revenue» or «Expense» by writing a minus symbol in front of your new item and to confirm the record. No need to indicate the date, it is filled in by default also. But still, if you forgot to fill in something yesterday, you are able to do it later using the necessary date. The list of categories, as it was mentioned, is already proposed by default. If there is no such a category your cash was flown out, you can create your own one or just edit one from the list.

There is also an opportunity to plan your incomes and outgoings. No need to add such item as salary, utility payments or even raisin muffins every time, if these things are monthly periodical. Just tap it as planned and the item will appear next page. The only thing you are to do next month is to confirm the muffins incoming in order to let Monisto helpfully plan them for the next period.

The reports in the application are also simple. The yearly one line chart is clearly demonstrate how you are successful relative to the previous periods, and the pie diagram is to provide you with a monthly report, showing all your fails and benefits with colorful illustrative triangles.

It is expected that Monisto iPad version is coming soon and new functionality is guaranteed. The application will remain as smart, simple and handy, as the iPhone version but will give users some new and popular instruments in their hands.

Stay financial positive!

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