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Voice reminders are probably the best way to remember any stuff in your head. Great if anyone gently reminds you about your things supposed to do immediately. For those who don't have any personal secretary or don't want the annoying one we have created Mementum. Since now it is Mementum's duty. Just record your voice and set time for the reminder.

Set up your plans

The only thing you need to do after the recording is to set time with the preset buttons or customize the data using the broaden options. No matter whether you have chosen an hour or a century! Mementum will be in time until your Mac is alive!

Type notes

Do you really need to make a text note? No problem, there is a text field for those about to write a pair of words in addition. A pedant can fill up to 140 signs to make a short annotation for the reminder.

Sort and create

Your reminder list as long as your arm? Don't think that there is no hope to puzzle out all your things to do. You can use the default categories in order to sort all your reminders by the attribute you want! Simple and usable.

Store your history

After the record has been played the reminder is marked as the accomplished one. You can delete the useless for now reminder or store it. Any time you can edit the record in the store list or listen to it once more.

Save time

Can't waste even a minute to make a reminder? Spare a few seconds, use Shift+Cmd+M to make a quick record. Time! This is what you save when using Mementum.

Use gesturing

To make the time setting controls extremely handy we have added the gesturing. You can swipe the trackpad with three fingers to select the panels for time period customization. Dragging two fingers right or left provides you the turning of the wheel for the accurate time setting.

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