Being ourselves the air-hockey fans, we decided to make start of our game developing from this very genre. But it was decided that the app should not be the similar to hundreds of clones. Looking for the spice, finally we’ve got the key!

Meet GoalEmAll! Our first-born game dev sketch.

The air-hockey & soccer, 2-in-1, both with some WOW-features for more fun! What features? WOW, folks, wow…))

First, GoalEmAll is the classic air-hockey game. It gives user an opportunity to play fairly true original game, as it is presented in nearly every gaming machine club since 19…

Second, we decided not to limit players by giving them hockey or soccer  style game only. It’s totally user’s decision whether  it would be ice or grass under their “feet”. And yes, it does matter. Not only by ball or puck user punches, but also by teams (by the way, they say they all have real prototypes) and the atmosphere of the sport meeting.

At last, overcoming the headache of looking for something amazing to add in such a basic game, it dawned on us that we need some uncommon for this genre features. Have you ever seen pinball and arcanoid-like items in a hockey game? No? Then try GoalEmAll. Any rivalry with your friend or computer now could bring you more laugh and amusement playing air-hockey.

Free version includes:

  • exhibition single player mode
  • player-vs-player mode
  • 12 soccer teams
  • 12 hockey teams

Full version:

  • tournament mode for soccer & hockey game
  • extra 12 soccer teams
  • extra 12 hockey teams
  • optional in-game WOW-features for more fun!
  • no advertising

Upcoming update for full version:

  • 2 players game via Wi-Fi

Need soft?


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